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Promotion to Professor

The internal school process for promotion to professor is described step by step below.


  1. The person seeking a promotion shall have ongoing discussion regarding this during performance appraisals with their division head. Information concerning assessment criteria for promotion can be found in KTH’s Appointments Procedure and related Instructions for Appointments Procedure for Teachers.
  2. When the applicant and the Head of Division agree that it is time to apply, the Head of Division takes the matter to the Head of Department and the department's management group. As a basis for the discussions in the department's management group, it is appropriate that the candidate's CV is used. It is particularly important that the criteria for school support (see decision in Swedish below) that have been decided are used as a basis for the evaluation. In addition, the template for the school's support letter (see template for statement below) can be used as a “checklist” to assess whether all criteria are met.
  3. The Head of Department submits a proposal to the head of faculty renewal no later than 15th October on which persons from the department are proposed to apply for promotion.
  4. The Future Faculty-responsible has individual meetings with all applicants, the school's promotion committee meets in order to assess whether there is a precondition for the school to provide its support for promotion, and submits proposals to the Head of School about which applicants should be granted support.

Beslut om rutin vid utformning av skolans stödbrev vid ansökan om befordran till professor (pdf 81 kB)

Statement and proposal for experts

  1. HR sends information about the process to all parties.
  2. The Head of Division submits a proposal for six experts (equal gender balance) to The Future Faculty-responsible.
  3. The Head of Division submits a draft statement to The Future Faculty-responsible. More information about the requirements for experts and on the content of the statement is available under the school's tasks for promotion of teachers .

    Statement from school regarding application for promotion to Professor (docx 61 kB)
  4. Following preparation with the promotion committee, The Future Faculty-responsible signs the statement.
  5. The Future Faculty-responsible selects two experts from the six proposed and notifies HR.
  6. HR contacts the two experts to investigate whether they are available for the assignment and to gather documentation on which to base decisions (conflict of interest, CV, publication list).
  7. When the HR Unit has gathered documentation from the selected experts, The Future Faculty-responsible decides on a proposal for experts.

Application and uploading in the system

The applicant writes their application in parallel with the preparation of the statement and the proposal for experts as per point 2 above.

  1. The HR Unit sends the application link along with a link to KTH’s promotion page for applicants . This will happen as soon as The Future Faculty-responsible has asked HR to initiate the process. 
  2. The HR Unit uploads the statement and the proposal for experts in the recruitment system when the candidate has uploaded their application. HR hands over the matter to the University Administration for further processing in accordance with . 

Assessment and interview

The handling officer at The University administration consults with the Dean of Faculty to ensure that the candidate’s submitted documentation is complete.


  1. The employment committee decides on an assessment and the documentation is sent to experts.
  2. The experts send a preliminary statement which is brought up for further processing in the promotion board.
  3. The promotion board carries out an interview and examines the candidate in relation to the established criteria.
  4. The promotion board submits a statement for a decision to the President of KTH.


Decision on promotion to professor

  1. After discussion with the candidate, the Head of Department submits a proposal for an enclosure to the employment contract to The Future Faculty-responsible.
  2. The Future Faculty-responsible approves the agreement and sends it to the President of KTH.
  3. The President of KTH decides on promotions to professor.
  4. The handling officer at The University administration sends the decision to the parties concerned and to the applicant.
  5. The handling officer at The University administration posts the decision and files the case.