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Adjunct professor


  1. The Head of Division contacts HR at the school to obtain information on KTH's regulations concerning adjunct professorship and on the application process . HR provides support throughout the process.
  2. The Head of Division requests documentation in the form of a CV and publication list from the candidate in order to initiate a conversation with the school's management.
  3. The Head of Division consults with the Future Faculty-responsible and the school’s promotion committee in order to assess whether the conditions exist for the school to support an Adjunct Professor. Consideration is to be given to KTH's regulations  (Appointments procedure at KTH: point 1.4, Guideline to the appointemts procedure: point 2.2) and to the EECS school’s decision on local guidelines for affiliated faculty and adjunct professors .
  4. The Future Faculty-responsible contacts the Dean of Faculty with documentation (the candidate’s CV and publication list) for an informal discussion on the matter.
  5. If the Dean of Faculty, the Future Faculty-responsible and the school’s promotion committee agree on an approval, the Future Faculty-responsible will decide to formally initiate the process and notify HR of this.

The school’s request and proposal for experts

  1. The Head of Division proposes four experts with an equal gender distribution to the Future Faculty-responsible.
  2. The Future Faculty-responsible selects two experts and informs HR of this.
  3. HR contacts the two selected experts to ask whether the individuals can take on the assignment and to gather documentation on which to base decisions (conflict of interest form, CV, publication list).
  4. The Head of Division , fills it out and submit it to HR electronically for review. 
  5. The Head of Division contacts HR to receive the current template for a contract to be written together with the candidate's employer.
  6. HR checks that the request contains the relevant parts for further processing.
  7. The Head of Division and the Future Faculty-responsible discuss the matter in the school's management council.
  8. The signed original of the request and the relevant agreement attachment signed by all parties are sent to HR for uploading in the recruitment system.


  1. HR sends an application link to the candidate. This happens soon after the Future Faculty-responsible’s message to HR to initiate the process. HR follows up on the application being received
  2. HR uploads the school’s request in the recruitment system.
  3. HR hands the matter over to the University Administration for further processing and decision-making according to KTH’s administrative procedure .


Contacts for questions regarding faculty recruitment