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Updated for Zoom and hybrid teaching

Published Aug 26, 2021

The support for Zoom and hybrid teaching has been updated both physically (approx. 60 lecture halls) and digitally (technical and pedagogical material on the web). The lecture halls are equipped with new technology to conduct teaching with participants both in the hall and digitally. At new URLs on the intranet, you will find information about which halls (IT pages) and how to use digital tools to create interactive teaching (e-learning pages).

Educational tips for interactive Zoom and hybrid teaching

On e-learning pages, you will find pedagogical tips for Zoom and hybrid teaching:

Share screen in breakout room

If you have the Zoom program version 5.7 or later and are meeting host, you can also share your screen in the breakout room.

Read about how to share screen in breakout rooms .

Find halls equipped with new technical support

During the last academic year, IT equipped another 60 or so halls with the opportunity to conduct Zoom and hybrid teaching. Information about which halls have which equipment has been updated on IT's web pages on the intranet. Formerly "IT/Teaching" has now become "IT/Technology in rooms":

During week 35 (2021), it may be that some of the pages linked above have not yet had time to get their English version.

The content is constantly developing

The content will be replenished and updated as time goes on; Frequent updates and new functions in Zoom (see IT's pages on Web meetings with Zoom ) often provide new pedagogical opportunities (see e-learning pages on Zoom and hybrid teaching).

Please note that the information on technical equipment in KTH Places  may be incomplete. If you are unsure or want to double-check which equipment is in which room, contact .

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