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Information about "Co-Location" service. The service is available to KTH staff.


Many times a server feels better in a properly tempered computer hall instead of standing under the desk in the service room. As a system administrator for a school, you can prepare more space at the school if you transfer your servers to ITA's computer halls.

To assist when such needs arise, the IT department provides space in the server hall where those who need it also get physical access to their server hardware. The service is called Co-Location.


Access to a server hall with:

  • Cooling
  • Electricity supply with reserve power via UPS
  • Shell protection
  • Net access.

Service levels and limitations

A big difference between the Co-Location and Server hosting services is that ITA does not perform:

  • Physical overseeing of hardware
  • Warranty management of hardware
  • Monitoring
  • Access to the physical server is in shared space with other customers, separation of ITA's equipment takes place with grids.


The customer takes care of the server, the IT department provides space in the server hall, incl. shell protection, cooling, net. This is available in 2 options, with or without UPS.

Rack space (incl. UPS) 300 kr / Month / Unit
Rackplats (excl. UPS) 150 kr / Month / Unit

Support and order

Support and ordering handles via KTH IT support:

Öppettider: måndag till fredag: 8:00 - 16:30

Telefon: 08 - 790 6600

Besöksadress: Drottning Kristinas väg 4