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Server capacity

Information about "Server capacity" service. This service is available to KTH employees.


You can get access to server capacity in a cost-effective way, via the IT department. This is provided either as a virtual solution or via dedicated physical servers.

The advantage is that you don't have to make the procurement, and you get the right capacity in relation to the requirements of your application. IT will create the most suitable solution in consultation with you.


This service can be ordered and if it is a virtual capacity that is delivered, you can buy it on "tap", i.e. you end this service whenever you wish.

When setting up a physical server, an agreement will be drawn up that covers the cost price for the IT department regarding the hardware cost.


This service is designed entirely in consultation with you as the customer and the capacity and configuration requirements that the application entails.

(Refers to server capacity, physical or virtual that the IT department owns, license costs are added according to the current agreement)

Alternative Debiting
Physical server, standardized models According to the invoice from the supplier, the IT department has no allowances for this. Thus, a monthly cost to the customer that is distributed over 36 months
KVS, KTH Virtual Server Base (Intended for researchers, system administrators or system groups who need an easy-to-manage environment where you don't have to take so much personal responsibility for the underlying components)

Full (Intended only for a system group that wants to replace its existing servers with a virtual environment KVS full provides access to the vSphere client with which one can perform all conceivable operations with their virtual machines)

Support and order

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