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Digital Signage

Information about "Digital Signage" service. This service is available to KTH employees.


Digital signage is used to inform KTH employees, student and visitors via digital screens. These are used today both for internal and external communication. What you need for digital signage is a screen, software for remote control of the screen, and possibly a computer. The computer is needed if the screen is not compatible with the software.

In our Digital signage service, we use the SmartSign software.

Note that editorial work is not part of the service but is expected to be handled by the organization.


Different efforts are required in setting up the service, depending on what the environment where the screen is to be installed looks like. These efforts are grouped into two parts and the activities are shown below.

Initial startup

  • Acquisition of SmartSign license
  • Screen selection and purchase
  • Coordination of the work for setting up the screen
  • Mounting screen on wall
  • Possible withdrawal of electricity or network
  • Network configuration
  • Introduction (approx. 1 h) of SmartSign editors to the editors within the organisaiton at KTH.

 Ongoing support

  • Maintenance and updating of the SmartSign system and screen
  • Support efforts in the event of a fault report, such as calling out the technician, troubleshooting and fixing the problem.


The cost of the service is divided into three different items, these are as follows.

Item Description Price
Initial Startup Includes the activities under the scope of initial startup, see above. 5650 kr/initially
Ongoing support Includes the activities under the scope of ongoing support, see above. 3400 kr/year
Optional/additional May be needed in cases where the screen is not compatible with the software. When there is an existing screen that you want to use. Scaled down KTH Windows, 3600 kr/year

Additional costs for the school (charged via an external party)

In addition to the prices in the table above, there are costs for hardware (screen, cabling and any fasteners) as well as assembly costs.
Below is a general estimate of the additional costs:

  • screen (depending on size) approx. SEK 15-30,000
  • possibly withdrawal of electricity and mains approx. SEK 10,000
  • mounting screen on wall: approx. SEK 1,000
  • possibly computer approx. SEK 9,000.

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Support and order

KTH IT-Support

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 8:00 - 16:30

Phone: +468 - 790 6600


Visiting address: Drottning Kristinas väg 4