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KTH client backup

Information about "KTH client backup" service. The service is available to KTH staff.


The standard IT Workplace platforms (KTH Mac and laptop KTH Ubuntu) include a backup service based on Crashplan. With the KTH Client Backup service, you can use the same backup solution on desktop computers that is used in the service at KTH, but does not use a standard platform.

See KTH client backup - Crashplan  for a description of the backup solution, and which problems can be solved with it.


The following is included in the service:

  • Continuous backup in the background
  • Unlimited amount of data for backup
  • Up to four devices per user
  • Backup on campus, at home or on the go
  • Encrypted backup
  • User-friendly web interface for managing data backup and recovery. (In case of emergency, IT Support can also help with proofreading.)
  • Log in with your KTH account
  • Extensive support documentation, see FAQ regarding client backups .


Debiting for the service will take place annually via invoice.

KTH Client backup Price per user: 1000 SEK per user per year


  • macOS 13
  • Ubuntu OS 14.xx

Support and order


Support handles via KTH IT support:

Öppettider: måndag till fredag: 8:00 - 16:30

Telefon: 08 - 790 6600

Besöksadress: Drottning Kristinas väg 4


Ordering of client backup is done by approved purchasers  via the ordering portal .