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KTH GitHub

Information about the "KTH GitHub" service. The service is available to both employees and students.


KTH GitHub is the corporate version of and works exactly the same as the public free version, giving users the opportunity to move projects between the public free version ( and the local version provided by KTH (KTH GitHub).

KTH GitHub requires users to log in with their KTH accounts, and projects uploaded to the server cannot be made accessible to users without an active KTH account.


KTH GitHub is a basic service provided by the KTH IT department exclusively for students and employees at KTH. The service includes the distributed source code and version management, as well as other functionality associated with GitHub.

Service levels and limitations

Available functions in the KTH GitHub

  • Simple wiki pages
  • Collaboration with others
  • Comment source code and changes
  • Comparison of different source code versions
  • Public projects (visible to everyone with access to KTH GitHub)
  • Private projects (possibility of restricting access completely or only to specific users within KTH GitHub)
  • Set goals for projects.


The purpose of KTH GitHub is version control of source code and files related to the source code such as images and libraries. KTH Github cannot be used for version management of other material such as finished (compiled) software, films, etc. For such purposes, users are referred to the shared/project/home directories ( G: /P: /H: ) offered by KTH IT- section.

Only users with a KTH account can access the KTH GitHub. For public projects, users are encouraged to publish a copy of their code on the completely free, public version of


This service is free for all users with an active kth account.

Support and order

KTH IT-Support

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 8:00 - 16:30

Phone: +468 - 790 6600


Visiting address: Drottning Kristinas väg 4


Help with activating the service can be found on KTH GitHub .