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License administration

Information about "License administration" service. The IT department provides the license administration for the staff at KTH Schools.


The service ensures that the school at KTH has a correct handling of software licenses.

Target group

This service is aimed at KTH Schools.


The service provides the license administrator function responsible for the school's purchase and administration of software licenses.

License Administrator

The main responsibilities of a license administrator are to:

  • Handle all application and software purchases (Licenses)
  • Ask the school's management when procuring new applications/software
  • Design a process for managing the most common applications
  • responsible for the school's license follow-up, e.g. questions from/to KTHProg
  • can in turn request information from the school staff
  • registers or application in a license register where all information about the application/program can be found
  • follows up the handling/use of the applications/software so that the applicable contractual conditions are complied with
  • reports any deviations from compliance to school management
  • informs school staff of changes regarding licenses/software
  • reports quarterly to the school's management on the school's license management
  • is the dedicated role that conducts a dialogue with KTHProg within ITA, the school's operations (the users) and the school's management
  • participates at KTH in joint coordination meetings regarding application and program acquisitions in order to achieve the greatest possible synergy effect
  • responsible for meeting the school's local application and software needs. Ex. delegate access to the various websites for downloading software that the school needs access to.


Responsibility for the school being properly licensed and following software management laws, regulations and policies lies on the school management and is not covered by this service.


The service is performed according to KTH's standard Service Level Agreement (SLA).


Tailored together with the customer depending on the extent and the customer's IT environment, etc.

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